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About Racletta

Welcome to the RACLETTA part of this site.

Floor squeegees have for me no more secrets. When you want to take a liquid away and you want to have a dry surface immediately after, then you need a floor squeegee with soft natural rubber.

The question for users is simple! 'What does my floor squeegee have to do? What result do I want?” Simple: a dry surface with a strong tool for a reasonable price. Not more, not less.

There is no rocket science in a floor squeegee but all parts of the squeegee have to be perfect and therefore when good made, it's a very fine, useful and easy tool.

Racletta has understood this very well. The many years of experience, the big number of ranges and the no nonsense way of working and doing business is their signature.

Their mission?


If you meet owners who stick to their business, who eat/drink and sleep floor squeegees and who, with a small hands-on management, sell the best price/quality floor squeegees world wide, then you just have met the Racletta team.

Keep it simple, buy the best price/quality floor squeegees worldwide, buy Racletta.

Many hails
Pepijn Carlier