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About Casa Vigar

Welcom to the CASA VIGAR part of this site.

Vigar is a broom and brush manufacturer, a ‘prime’ manufacturer.
They are completely different of all the rest because:

  • They design & manufacture “eye catching cleaning and household products” which is nowadays there speciality;
  • They always brake the “design and common accepted style” rules in the broom business. They go over the edge…;
  • They love to walk on unexplored roads where competitor-colleagues never have been before;
  • Being small, trendy, young, and all of them having Spanish blood, you can find all this immediately back in their products & ideas;
  • Their products reflect the fun they daily have in what they do.

They are simply the best in what they do, they believe in what they can and nobody will or can stop them. Personally, being their agent in Belgium, I like to compare them with Flamenco dancing: Spanish, emotional, stubborn and that never ending drive to desire only the best. Sometimes an explosive cocktail but once you know the team and their funny but high quality products, you don’t want anything else anymore.

Their mission?


I can say what I want, have a look for yourself!
Hope to see you soon on one of the fairs Vigar is participating at.

Many hails
Pepijn Carlier